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TEQnation.com is the Developer Community & Employer Branding platform in the Netherlands

Our story


TEQnation.com is the place for everyone who is interested in (web) development. Content, quality and independence above all; instruction, education, knowledge sharing and inspiration, that’s in our genes. Day in and day out, both online and offline. Continue to develop.

The platform offers both the Developer Communities and the Tech Organizations a special opportunity to reach each other.

TEQnation.com was created for and by Developers and Tech Organizations. With a different unique proposition for both.

For Developers:
– Community platform
Blogs, Whitepapers, knowledge sharing & becoming an author yourself, Events Calendar & discount on tickets for events.

– Jobs Platform – teqjobs.nl 
Latest Tech Jobs

– Academy platform
E-learning, Courses, Webinars, Certificates

– Video platform
Event videos, Webinars, Informational videos

For companies:
Employer Branding
– Community platform (proposition as a knowledge expert; blogs, white papers)
– Academy platform (proposition as a knowledge expert; e-learning, courses, webinars)
– Video platform (company videos, webinars, informational videos)

Post job openings & Start your own Company-page (impression of your company culture)

TEQnation reaches a number of the largest developer communities in the Netherlands.



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Reshift Business Innovation

IT & Technology is the soul of our company.
IT Trends are changing rapidly and require continuous development and investment. It is precisely with the integration of these trends that IT companies can relieve their customers. This requires a permanent investment in new technology and knowledge. Training and education for staff are of course part of this.

As part of Reshift Digital BV, Reshift Business Innovation is a leader when it comes to content on IT & Technology, consumer electronics, gaming, computer technology and popular science themes for consumers, education, government and business. Devised, developed and disseminated with enthusiasm by our own specialists. This ensures that our brands know how to excite, inspire and activate a very large target group every month.

Reshift Business Innovation specializes in Enterprise innovation. We facilitate and connect technological knowledge & innovation with governments, the business community and our communities. We do this through the use of our magazines, articles, academies, webinars, video libraries, white papers, online platforms and events. Through our channels we offer IT managers, education professionals, CIOs, CTOs, developers, IT architects and innovators new insights to stimulate growth and innovation in a constantly changing technological environment. In addition, we offer additional services such as lead generation services, research and custom events (such as hackathons).