The Coffee Room
Kinkerstraat 110, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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15 Feb 2020


9:00 am - 11:00 am



Coffee Coding

Whether you are a seasoned programmer or learning to code, wouldn’t it be cool to run by your challenge with another programmer when you get stuck? Or you have questions, or simply want to be in the environment of other like-minded friends while you work on your project?

Welcome to Appsterdam.

Bring your laptop and get feedback, encouragement and support, no matter what level you are at.

Share and contribute. Get guidance. Feel good.

All levels are welcome, so don’t be shy.

In the future we plan to have break-out sessions where we will have short talks on valuable topics and also conduct mini-hackathons where all of us get to participate and learn together.

Maike Warner and Craig Latta are super committed to have an inspired group.

We start at 9 and end at 11 sharp, so some a bit closer to 9 to make sure you get the help you desire.

Many thanks to Samuel Goodwin for initially founding this group and 6 years of dedication. It is our honor to carry on his legacy and take it higher. We have all learned from him and are grateful.

Just ask and maybe we can help you with:

• C
• iOS Development
• Javascript
• iOS Development
• Lisp
• Self
• Smalltalk
• Swift
• UI/UX Design (Adobe XD, Balsamiq, Keynote, Sketch)
• WebAssembly

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