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Joining us is a great way to get the opportunity to find new inspiration with the best in tech. Meanwhile you can pick up some new ideas along the road and meet face to face with your tech heroes. Working on a project right now? You can find actionable insights that you can apply to your projects right here. 

In an ever changing industry, it’s (obviously) so important – and at the same time, so challenging – to keep up-to-date. Let us all help each other with that, right? So we have a blog that you can read,  awesome stuff. Loads and loads of content that is totally meant to keep you up-to-date in this fast moving industry. But what’s actually really cool is our Academy, here you can develop your skills, expertise and know-how even further with actionable and pragmatic subjects.

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So many tech professionals decide to start a (second) career in speaking on events, conferences, meetups and maybe even at the local neighborhood party.. and some of them probably just coincidently get dragged into it. Whatever the reason may be, it’s a great way to show of your skills and present yourself – and probably the company you work for – within the tech community.
But how do you do that? Ok that’s something you can easily find out.. and now you know how to do that, ask yourself.. is it wise to do it? You will be presenting yourself in front of – probably the most critic – community.

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Are you looking to expand your network with like-minded people? Sure no problem, most of them also attend our events and meetups. Have a look at the event calendar for what’s coming up. By joining our workshops, meetups and conferences you will also get the opportunity to see how others solve the same problems you might be facing.

We totally understand that for you its so important to have interesting projects using the latest technologies, at a company that can make you grow. We also understand that nowadays there are so many jobs and projects waiting for you, that its hard to find the right one. Also, its nice to put minimum effort in it.. since you just want to build awesome stuff. Let us help you find the perfect job and project for you.

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