TEQnation Masterclasses

The TEQnation Masterclasses Live are coming up! Fully digital & live you can engage with world-class IT experts.
They will take you on a deep dive in all the technology topics you love.

Neural Networks – powered by Capgemini

October 27, 2020

On this Tuesday we will take a look under the hood of Neural Networks. We will start off with an introductory session by Soham Dasgupta (ADF, Java, Javascript Guru @ Capgemini) about Deep Learning. Afterwards we will see how to put this theory into practice and how to produce Real-Time Deep Fakes by Thomas Endres (Partner at TNG Technology Consulting) & Martin Förtsch (Principal Consultant at TNG Technology Consulting). This day will be hosted by Leonie Huizing (Java Developer @ Capgemini).


  • 19:00-19:40: Soham Dasgupta – Journey to the core of Neural Networks with DeepLearning4J
  • 19:40-19:50: Break
  • 19:50-20:30: Thomas Endres & Martin Förtsch – Deepfakes 2.0 – How Neural Networks are Changing our World

Journey to the core of Neural Networks with DeepLearning4J

Neural networks in combination with Deep learning provides the best results in the field of image recognition, speech or sound classification and natural language processing. But what is Neural network and Deep learning? How does it work? This session will explain core concepts, mathematics and the popular algorithms behind it. Using Java library, DeepLearning4J you will see how easily you can create a Neural network. This session is targeted to the developers and architects like me with no data science background to grasp the power of neural networks and deep learning and how they can apply them back to their job.

Bio Soham:

Soham Dasgupta is by role a Solution Architect at Capgemini. He has over 14 years of IT experience in software programming, designing and architecture.

But apart from that he is a tech enthusiastic and Java/Javascript expert. He blogs regularly and speaks on various tech conferences around the world.

His contributions to the Oracle community earned him “Oracle ACE Associate” title.

Deepfakes 2.0 – How Neural Networks are Changing our World

Imagine looking into a mirror, but not to see your own face. Instead, you are looking in the eyes of Barack Obama or Angela Merkel. Your facial expressions are seamlessly transferred to that other person’s face in real time.

The TNG Hardware Hacking Team has managed to create a prototype that transfers faces from one person to another in real time based on Deepfakes. Neural networks detect faces within a video input, then translate them and integrate them back to the video output. Through this technique it is possible to project deceptively real imitations onto other people. For this purpose, we used Keras trained autoencoder networks and various face recognition algorithms.

In this talk, Thomas Endres and Martin Förtsch will give an entertaining and vivid introduction into the world of real-time Deepfakes. In doing so, they particularly focus on the deep learning techniques used within the application. Several live demonstrations will complete this event.

Bio Thomas

In his role as an Associate Partner for TNG Technology Consulting in Munich, Thomas Endres works as an IT consultant. Besides his normal work for the company and the customers he is creating various prototypes – like a telepresence robotics system with which you can see reality through the eyes of a robot, or an Augmented Reality AI that shows the world from the perspective of an artist. He is working on various applications in the fields of AR/VR, AI and gesture control, putting them to use e.g. in autonomous or gesture controlled drones. But he is also involved in other open source projects written in Java, C# and all kinds of JavaScript languages.

Bio Martin

Principal Consultant at TNG Technology Consulting GmbH, Intel Black Belt Software Developer and Software Innovator, Oracle JavaOne Rock Star, Speaker

Kubernetes – powered by SUSE

February 2nd, 2021

These second TEQnation Masterclasses will focus on Kubernetes! First, Rob Knight (SUSE CTO for Enterprise Cloud Products) & Peter Andersson (SUSE Technical Strategist) will show you all you need to know about the Open Source solutions of SUSE, focussing on Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry PaaS to optimize your development pipeline. Afterwards we got another session coming up by a mystery speakers who will be announced soon!


  • 15:00-15:50: Rob Knight & Peter Andersson – How to simplify, modernize and accelerate your entire development pipeline with Kubernetes management and Cloud Foundry PaaS
  • 15:50-16:00: Break
  • 16:00-16:50: Mystery speaker (announced soon)

How to simplify, modernize and accelerate your entire development pipeline with Kubernetes management and Cloud Foundry PaaS

In this session, we will guide you through SUSE’s latest innovations in open source container & application platforms.

Combining the best-in-breed of Kubernetes management and Cloud Foundry PaaS, you will learn how you can use these technologies to simplify, modernize and accelerate your entire development pipeline.

We will discuss real life customer success stories, and give a series of live demonstrations to illustrate the agility you can experience from embracing SUSE technology.

Bio Rob Knight

Rob is SUSE’s CTO for Enterprise Cloud Products, and is responsible for SUSE’s overall strategy and vision for Application Delivery. He has been working with containers in production environments since before Kubernetes was released, and played a critical role in taking SUSE’s Application Delivery Solutions to market. He’s been working in the Application Delivery space for over 12 years at a variety of companies, and speaks daily to customers, partners, press and analysts on the future of the Application Delivery marketplace.

Bio Peter Andersson

Peter is a Technical strategist at SUSE and focuses on Application Delivery Platforms in EMEA. He lives with his family in the Stockholm area, Sweden. He has been working with Open Source for more than 15 years in many roles and organisations. Such as: Product Manager for op5, a Swedish organisation making IT monitoring solutions based on Open Source, Sales Engineer at Black Duck helping organisations manage security- and legal risks associated with Open Source.

More masterclasses will be announced soon!