A developer’s guide to satellite IoT: Standards and support


A developer’s guide to satellite IoT: Standards and support

For today’s generation of technology application developers and engineers, choosing a communications partner can be a daunting task. With the pool of potential connectivity partners more varied than ever before, the seemingly simple act of picking a partner to help bring a new connected device or application to market comes with its own set of challenges. In addition, due to the ubiquitous nature of the web, applications can be developed quickly and deployed easily to almost any market you choose via the ease of cloud-based services. However, can the same be said of the communications partner or path you choose?

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The boom of the satellite IoT market is bringing assets and connected applications to almost every conceivable market and is creating endless possibilities for innovation. For developers, it is an opportunity to extend their applications and solutions with next-generation capabilities and the ability to reach the 80-plus percent of the planet currently not covered by cellular or other terrestrial communications infrastructure.

But where should a developer new to the satellite IoT world begin? Integrating satellite technology into new devices or existing cellular applications is no small undertaking, and between incumbent satellite machine-to-machine (M2M)/IoT providers and NewSpace satellite startups, there are plenty of potential partners to choose from. Regardless of the path chosen, there are a few crucial factors all developers should consider before choosing a satellite integration partner.

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