How to secure your application’s migration to the cloud


How to secure your application’s migration to the cloud

To compete in today’s competitive and digital business environment, organisations need to embrace the cloud. The rise of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) firms has meant that enterprises have been able to focus on their core capabilities while leveraging their IaaS partners’ expertise.

By Asim Rahal | Developer Tech

As a result, the maintenance and running costs of infrastructure have reduced, and companies are far more efficient in how they deploy resources.

While a move to the cloud brings a lot of business optimisation, it leaves organisations vulnerable to potential security breaches. In one recent study conducted by Digital Shadows, researchers found traces of over 2.3 billion files accessible to the general public on cloud storage resources such as Amazon S3 buckets, SMB enabled file shares, and NAS drives. You definitely don’t want components of your app’s source code to accidentally end up on someone’s scraping radar.

To secure your product’s move to the cloud, you must implement these three processes…

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