J-Fall Sold Out


J-Fall Sold Out

Register now for the Masters of Java competition, at this competition you will battle NLJUG’ers to win the title: Master of Java 2018. The Masters of Java competition takes place the day before J-Fall and therefore it’s the way to prepare for it. By registering you will get acces automatically to J-Fall.

Register now and put that brain of yours to work!

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Maybe a even better way to prepare for J-Fall is to join the Pre-conference. Submerge yourself in Java codes in 1 of our 3 amazing workshops the day before J-Fall.

These workshops will be given by the best experts this world has to offer: Sebastian Daschner, Peter Hilton, Kenny Baas Schwegler & João Rosa.

Dive deep into Java for 4 hours long and take your development work to new heights. We are proud the present our workshops:

  • Sebastian Daschner – Effective Testing & Test Automation for Developers
  • Peter Hilton – How to write maintainable code
  • Kenny Baas Schwegler & João Rosa – EventStorming for Domain Driven Design modeling

These workshops have limited space and therefore are only available to a select few, so reserve your ticket now:

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