Release .Net 9 november ?


Release .Net 9 november ?

Microsoft said it would focus on cloud-native and intelligent app development in .NET 9. The next iteration of the open-source framework is expected to be released in November at the .NET Conf 2024.


  • Microsoft plans to focus on cloud-native fundamentals, such as runtime performance and application monitoring, and provide streamlined pathways to widely used production infrastructure through .NET Aspire, which aims to streamline the development process and reduce costs and the gap between development and production.
  • The first preview of Aspire was launched as a part of .NET 8, and the third preview version was recently released.
  • Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code will contain features for .NET Aspire, such as the ability to configure components, debug the AppHost and child processes, and full integration with the developer dashboard.
  • .NET 9 will include more libraries and documentation for working with OpenAI and OSS models to enable developers to integrate artificial intelligence into their applications.
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