The current state of DevOps


The current state of DevOps

A GitLab survey found that DevOps is continuing to gain momentum, but there’s plenty of room for improvement when it comes to testing and security.

GitLab, a prominent Git-based DevOps company, has released the results of its fourth annual DevSecOps survey This global survey of over 3,650 respondents found that DevOps rise has led to “sweeping changes in job functions, tool choices, and organization charts within developer, security and operations teams.”

The vast majority of developers are finding DevOps is living up to its promise of faster software releases. According to the survey, nearly 83% of developers report being able to release code more quickly with DevOps.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is also reducing build and deployment times. Thirty-eight percent said their DevOps implementations include CI/CD. Of those using CI/CD, nearly 60% deploy multiple times a day, once a day, or once every few days. That’s up considerably from last year’s 45%. Twenty-nine percent also said their DevOps implementations include test automation.

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