J-Fall 2018: Aparna Chaudhary – Docker, JVM and CPU


J-Fall 2018: Aparna Chaudhary – Docker, JVM and CPU

With the increasing adoption of cloud native technologies and containerization; the gap between Java development and system administration is decreasing. Whether you are using Docker Swarm, Kubernetes or Mesos/Marathon as a container orchestrator; fundamental challenges for running docker in production are common.

In this talk, I would like to share some of the basic linux concepts about CPU scheduling every Java Developer should know to be able to perform effective configuration and troubleshooting for docker containers.

Yes, Docker provides isolation, but only if you know how best to configure it.

Aparna Chaudhary

Aparna (@aparnachaudhary) is a Software Architect with special interest on backend development. She enjoys developing reliable and robust applications involving high volume of transactions. In her free time she likes exploring different tools ‘n techniques which allows her to select the right tool for the job at hand. Aparna Chaudhary Having worked on several uptime critical systems in the past; she believes that Operations is a shared responsibility. Every developer should invest some time to understand the software (mis)behavior in production.

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