J-Fall 2019: Jan-Hendrik Kuperus – Master Your Tools


J-Fall 2019: Jan-Hendrik Kuperus – Master Your Tools

Tired of agile workshops? Looking for some productivity tips that benefit *you*? It’s time to get selfish and learn how to do the same work you always do, but spend less time doing it.

In a time where tools are plenty and new ones pop up constantly, I believe most of us don’t look beyond the getting started of their tools. In this talk I will demonstrate some kick-ass productivity features of IntelliJ and some other well-known tools, as well as showcase a series of lesser-known tools all aimed at making your life easier. After all, less typing means more time for sword fighting, err creative problem solving.

Some of the tools are quite focused around the use of a Mac, but where possible I will point out similar tools for other platforms. If you’re impatient and wondering if this talk is worth your valuable time, here are just a few things you might learn: automatic creation of projects, highly automated Git workflow, turning your terminal into your best friend and how to make a Soundboard and Smiley Picker, because I suddenly had time on my hands. 😁

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