J-Fall 2019: Muriël Guerard – Program your Brain


J-Fall 2019: Muriël Guerard – Program your Brain

This session offers a break from all the in-depth technical learning that everybody will be doing at J-Fall.

A smart programmer is a lazy programmer. Lazy in a good way, like their code they themselves like to get great results with minimum effort. How do you accomplish this? It all starts with a good, relaxed, happy brain. We all know how to adjust our desk and use our computers to prevent arm and neck injuries, but how should you treat your brain? And is there a way to improve your coding and thinking skills by simply tending to your brain? During my session I would like to show my fellow programmers how to maximize brain capacity and get their coding done swiftly and smoothly.

We will go through some exercises to help the brain relax and refresh so everybody can leave the room recharged and ready to learn more!

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