Select J-Fall 2016 Speaker Gaurav Chopra – API: A Disruptive New Technology J-Fall 2016 Speaker Gaurav Chopra – API: A Disruptive New Technology


Select J-Fall 2016 Speaker Gaurav Chopra – API: A Disruptive New Technology J-Fall 2016 Speaker Gaurav Chopra – API: A Disruptive New Technology

Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) are fast evolving and becoming the new channel to enhance business. Organizations cutting across business lines are in the process of adopting API’s in their day-to-day business, to ensure they are able to quickly provide innovative products and services in a secured eco-system. API’s are the key to bring business at the fingertips of the customer. Things which used to takes weeks earlier can now be done in minutes if not less. This is done by exposing the key functionality as modular components called API’s. The API’s can be developed in-house by organizations catering to their specific needs or even third parties can define, design and develop innovative API’s which can be invoked at runtime within the solution. Different stand alone API’s can be assembled together at design time or runtime in order to offer innovative solutions to the end customers. The big enterprises are fast adopting the API platform, which allows the engineers and developer community to bring in new idea’s and create modular stand alone API and also come up with innovative customer journey which stitches together the modular API’s exposed by different enterprises. API’s provide a platform which can be used by the smart developers to conceive , incubate , mature and convert different ideas into innovate offering. In this age of technology where the businesses are constantly getting redefined, there are no defined boundaries left for doing business, the myth that “the business needs to stick to its core competency” has been broken. There are enough examples where unknown players have come into the market with disruption and have become market leaders or are seriously challenging the current market leaders. The key to this business revolution across industry is led by API’s, they have gained a lot of prominence and will continue to do so in the coming years. Gone are the days when developers would be busy coding for one big monolithic application or some process or service interfaces without have a complete knowledge where the code would be used. API’s allows the engineers and developers have a complete view of the business and then enable them path breaking but meaningful solutions to ensure that the end customer, and the businesses are the real beneficiary of the technology revolution.

Bio van Gaurav Chopra

I have been enjoying myself working in the IT industry for the last 17 years. In this journey so far I have had the pleasure of working with world class companies and very competent people. My journey with Capgemini started in January 2013 and this has been very rewarding and fruitful so far. My area of specialization is BPM , API management , Digital Integration and services architecture, that would include SOA services and Micro-services. In the past I have been involved in providing vision and roadmap for BPM and Services to various enterprises. I have been involved in coming up with a governance structure including standards and guidelines for large scale BPM and SOA projects . I have been involved in providing IT solutions and managing complex projects across geographies and business lines. The journey of the past 17 years has been spectacular to say the least, I have had great opportunities to learn and work on new technologies, new architecture and challenging projects. I hope it will be the same in the coming years.

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