Atlassian delivers 12 new ways to bring information to DevOps teams


Atlassian delivers 12 new ways to bring information to DevOps teams

Atlassian wants to improve the way development, IT operations and business teams work together by allowing them to share and get the right information in the tools they are already working in.

By: Christina Cardoza | SDTimes.

In a recent DevOps Trends Survey, the company found that DevOpstools and practices teams use to make their lives easier actually come with new challenges such as disconnected tools, manual processes and collaboration blockers. 

“Teams often spend a lot of time inside tools doing coordination, status updates and tool configuration instead of getting back to the core benefits,” Suzie Prince, head of product for Bitbucket Cloud at Atlassian, told SD Times. “The best teams collaborate and have a shared understanding, and that’s how you respond best to your business needs.” 

To provide better collaboration and a shared understanding amongst DevOps teams, the company is announcing 12 new features and integrations focused on bringing teams back to “collaboration, coding and building secure software instead of all this kind of coordination work,” Prince explained.

The new features follow the value chain through planning, tracking, building, continuous integration and deployment. 


For planning and tracking, one key feature is the introduction of the “Your Work” dashboard in Bitbucket Cloud. The dashboard has been expanded to include assigned Jira issues that allow teams to move from one task to the next within the dashboard instead of having to jump around between tools. According to Prince, one of the major blockers the company sees is that developers have to look in multiple places to find work or update status.

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