De Hippo Campus Meetup


De Hippo Campus Meetup

Ebrahim Aharpour – Anonymize Hippo database

The Hippo Database Anonymizer is a tool that can be used to troubleshoot Hippo databases. It ensures that the database can be viewed by third parties in accordance with AVG compliance. It works with an SQL dump instead of a running database so that production data is not endangered and anonymization can be done by a customer’s technical manager on site.

Kenan Salic – Zero Code Search Integration Streams

Over the last couple of years, we’ve reinvented the wheel in regard to enterprise search integrations solutions with brXM numerous times. Every time there seems to be a better solution available. Having promised myself that I will not write another single line of code during my next projects, this integration seems inevitable.

Even though brXM currently (content search pending) supports search OOTB, it is quite limited (content search powered by BrSM pending). OOTB Search (Lucene) is rather basic; an enterprise is therefore needed to utilize more advanced features. That’s why Kenan will talk about: Integrating BloomReach XM with a 3rd party Enterprise Search Software without writing a single line of code. Only using what is available.

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