How to get started with open source projects: A guide


How to get started with open source projects: A guide


So you want to start dabbling in open source? There are tons of reasons why contributing to open source projects is a rewarding use of time–from advancing your career to supporting a community you like. But contributing to an open source project for the first time can be incredibly intimidating.

Like many, I was apprehensive about contributing to open source projects at first. I kept putting it off, thinking that I would eventually help out when I had more to offer. But you don’t need to be an expert to support an open source project–you don’t even need to write code to be a contributor. The opportunities are often quite broad and many communities, like Rubrik Build, accept code and non-code contributions.

Here are some easy ways to get started with open source:

Join the conversation

The simplest and fastest way to get started with open source projects is to contribute your thoughts. No code required! Join in the conversation and offer your experience or use cases. This can be done with Slack conversations or providing input on issues associated with projects on GitHub. Alternatively, start the conversation by filing an issue for a project. Tell us if something isn’t working properly, a feature is missing, or let us know of a potential enhancement.

Another way to contribute without code is to help with documentation. Not only flagging errors, but also helping document functions or even helping with translations and localization of documentation. These contributions may seem small but are incredibly beneficial, and can help increase your comfort level with getting involved in this new community.


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