JBoss performance tuning – 5 best practices


JBoss performance tuning – 5 best practices

In this blog you get a quick overview of 5 areas, which are those most likely to be worth your while scrutinizing and optimizing. It should be noted that simply doing performance tuning on JBoss alone is not enough to produce a high-performance application. It is just one of the steps that you need to follow.

A more detailed guide on optimizing Java applications within the context of JBoss usage including configuration settings is also available, see: JBoss Performance Tuning & Monitoring | eG Innovations.

I’ll also cover what capabilities the eG Enterprise application performance monitoring and observability solution offers out-of-the-box for JBoss-based applications. Tools such as eG Enterprise are commonly used for JBoss monitoring to automate alerting without the need for scripting or coding and because they cover interdependencies and the whole stack from Java code to server CPU and network.


Read more: JBoss performance tuning – 5 best practices | eG Innovations


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