Stepping in 2024 with Powerful Java Language Features


Stepping in 2024 with Powerful Java Language Features

Whether you are a beginner or senior Java developer, you strive to accomplish ambitious goals through your code while enjoying incremental progress. Along with many performance, stability, and security updates, Java 21 delivers new features and enhancements aiming to boost Java development productivity. And the best way to learn these language features is by using them in a Java project. (Ana-Maria Mihalceanu)


December holidays have passed, but there are many more other opportunities to offer a gift. So let’s build a Java application where you can order a wrapped gift for someone. Project wrapup is a simple http handler implementation that returns a gift as JSON from a sender to a receiver via HTTP POST method.

Before jumping into action, you should know that you need an IDE, at least JDK 21 and Maven installed on your local machine to reproduce the examples. I generated my project with Oracle Java Platform Extension for Visual Studio Code via View > Command Palette > Java: New Project > Java with Maven, named the project wrapup and chose the package name org.ammbra.advent.

So, let’s check out how we can use Java 21 language constructs to package gifts as JSONs.

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