Touchable Holograms on the HoloLens, made by Haptics


Touchable Holograms on the HoloLens, made by Haptics

What if you can actually feel a hologram while wearing your HoloLens. And even better, if this hologram responds to your touch. A more refined and precise touch, not like the way hologram currently respond to air tap. It sounds mindblowing, but it may be possible in the nearby future. 

By Jason Odom

Immersion, a research and development company based in France, are experimenting with bringing this into the realm of possibility by combining the HoloLens and sound-based technology from Ultrahaptics. As you can see in this very short video, it is already being tested.

Haptics is any form of interaction using touch. The idea of using one’s skin as a radar system with a haptic feedback suit, which applies forces and vibrations to the user, was an idea that really excited me when I read Daemon by Daniel Suarez.

The idea of using Ultrahaptic’s sound technology, which uses ultrasound to project sensations onto a hand, as both haptic communication and haptic feedback has a good deal of potential in many settings. Combining that with the use of the HoloLens opens up all sorts of doors to new potential workflows, forms of entertainment, and general interaction.

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