Vaadin 23.2 Improves Kubernetes Support, Adds Three New Components


Vaadin 23.2 Improves Kubernetes Support, Adds Three New Components

New Release of Vaadin Flow Makes it Easier to Deploy, Run, and Scale Stateful Java Applications in Kubernetes and the Cloud. Vaadin, a provider of Java web application platforms, today announced Vaadin Flow 23.3, a new release that makes it easier to deploy and run stateful Java applications in Kubernetes and cloud environments.

The Vaadin 23.2 release includes three new UI components and improvements to the Vaadin Acceleration Kits for easier deployments in clustered environments (support for rolling updates, horizontal scaling, high availability, and session replication).

Release highlights
New: TabSheet component
New: Tooltip component
New: Spreadsheet component
New: Kubernetes Kit
New: Azure Cloud Kit

Vaadin Flow 23.3 includes an expanded Kubernetes Kit and a new Azure Cloud Kit that provides a robust set of capabilities for running stateful Java applications in cloud environments. They:

  • enable non-disruptive rolling updates that don’t interrupt user sessions, reducing the cost and inconvenience of after-hours deployments;
  • save on cloud costs by allowing an application to scale down without impacting active users;
  • reduce downtime risk by enabling high availability architectures that failover in case of outages;
  • include session replication along with “serialization helpers” that make it faster and easier for developers to leverage horizontal scaling and failover fully;
  • optimize the deployment of Vaadin Flow applications to Azure with out-of-the-box Terraform blueprints that automate best practices.

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