J-Fall 2019: Ignite Sessions hosted by Brian Vermeer


J-Fall 2019: Ignite Sessions hosted by Brian Vermeer

Ko Turk – To all developers out there, don’t be afraid to use another IDE

As a Java Developer nowadays everyone is using IntelliJ IDEA as default IDE. But there is more to see. You ever used Visual Studio Code? For sometime Java is supported by RedHat (installing a plugin is required). It is very fast and lightweight! But you need to install some plugins. In this session I show you which (cool) ones you definitely need to install. Also I will give you 19 reasons to consider this as you favourite IDE!

Bart van Wezel – Learning from actions with reinforcement learning

Learning from actions and their consequences is how we learn as living beings. We learn our dogs how to sit on command by rewarding them with dog treats. Applying the same idea with problems in machine learning is called reinforcement learning. In this talk, we will explain what reinforcement learning is and we are going to discuss some real-life applications!

Paul Kraak – The secrets behind a successful intake!

Besides coding, probably the most critical skill for anyone working in IT is the ability to convince others you are invaluable to their business. Especially during the do or die moments of an intake. During these intakes, your “soft” skillset becomes vitally important. Your potential employer takes your word for it that you are skilled technically. He has seen your resume or given you a short programming assignment, so he will look for other clues to see if you have what it takes. This is where the Intake Training for Software Engineers helps engineers shine out from the crowd. In this talk, you’ll be taken through the process of an intake, step-by-step, while we zoom in on preparation, perceptions and expectations of an intake. You’ll learn how to influence the conversation, how to be relevant, and how to present yourself as the best suitable candidate for the job!

Arien Kock & Polina Kochneva – On mentoring junior developers

“Hire raw talent, and train them to do the job” is not a new idea, but the problem is knowing where to start. From being a teacher, I learned how people learn. From mentoring trainees, I learned the importance of the social aspect of mentorship. Together with Polina, a former trainee, I’d like to share what we’ve learned to be the keys to successful mentorship.

Bart Toersche – Story time: When vendor lock-in hits the fan

Using Software as a Service (SaaS) is a great way to solve a software problem which isn’t your company’s core business. Though, what would happen to your applications if they would quit providing their services? Replacing a service in your stack without downtime is hard, especially when it is part of the core of your application stack. It feels like having to perform an open-heart surgery while the patient is grocery shopping! In this presentation we will discuss our experience in a SaaS discontinuing their services. Requiring us to replace our complete authorization stack without impacting any of our active users. We will talk about how we dealt with the situation and give tips for not getting in this situation in the first place.

Martijn de la Cosine – The road to your first talk @ J-Fall

Picture yourself, an ambitious IT professional, you made your first steps in sharing knowledge in scrum team meetings, knowledge sharings and talks at Universities. But that next step, dreaming of speaking on an awesome conference like J-Fall, sounds scary right? No not at all! I’ll tell my experiences about the road to my first talk to a large crowd, this awesome presentation 😉 You’ll hear tips, tricks, the do’s and don’ts that I went through as an inexperienced conference speaker and I hope it will prepare you for your first presentation for a larger crowd than your scrum team.

Kaya Weers -5 superheroes you need in your team!

Every team is full of heroes. Although not everyone would identify their characteristics as superpowers. Maybe you wouldn’t say so, but your colleague ‘the grumpy cat’ has a lot to offer. The same goes for the other (not so obvious) heroes. Probably you’ll recognize your colleagues or yourself in one of them! In this session you’ll learn how superheroes can contribute to the success of your team.

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