5 AI trends in business to look for in 2019


5 AI trends in business to look for in 2019

We saw a dramatic rise of interest in AI in 2018. There was a significant growth of business applications based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. For 2019 we will see a further growth of AI and ML-related technologies.

By Joop snijder from InfoSupport

Here are 5 trends to look for in 2019:

1. More collaboration between Human and Machine

The discussion about human vs. machines will shift towards collaboration. We’ll focus more and more on machines that will empower us humans in helping us. We will see we are better of with machines that will do some heavy lifting for us. In collaboration we’ll perform better than competing with each other.

2. Data Scientists with development skills

An AI and ML-application involves more than an AI and ML-model. A data scientist is able to create beautiful models. But there are software engineering skills needed to build a business application. In 2019, the data scientist will be part of a multi disciplinary team. Therefor the data scientist will need development skills. Because a model can’t live on it’s own. It needs to integrate within the application.

3. DevOps for AI

2018 was the year of experiments and proof of concepts. And the technology proved itself to be valuable. Now it’s time to scale up. And with scaling up comes the need for a framework to development robust, performant and scalable AI solutions. In 2019 we’ll see the rise of DevOps for AI.

DevOps for AI Framework

Many activities that we need to create an AI application involves traditional Software Engineering. These activities remain the same for AI applications. In DevOps for AI we’ll focus on the main activities that differ from the traditional Software Engineering DevOps.

4. Data Quality over data quantity

The mantra for AI was the more data the better. This will change in 2019. We still need lots of data, but better data. And if we’ll have to choose we’ll prefer quality of quantity. With a better understanding of AI within the business, the need for quality will rise. The business will understand that the quality of the data will determine the quality of the AI model.

5. Focus on better data anonymization

It’s not a sexy topic yet, but data anonymization will be hot in 2019. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 yearsInfringement of the regulation can be fined with up to 2% of the worldwide revenue of prior financial year. So the stakes are high. In 2019, we’ll see more focus on generally usable algorithms and tools to anonymize data. The ability to retrieve personal information will increase and therefor we’ll need more tools and techniques to prevent thisSo in 2019 we’ll see more scientific research and applied science in differential privacy and data anonymization.

AI in 2019

AI is going to impact the IT industry significantly. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will become the key technology trends of 2019. So be ready and enjoy the progress.
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