Data security is being threatened by Cloud complexity


Data security is being threatened by Cloud complexity

While Cloud computing is getting more complex, the security and vulnerability of the data is at stake. 

David S. Linthicum

According to the 2020 Thales Data Threat Report – European Edition, European companies have a false sense of security when it comes to protecting themselves. Only two-thirds (68 percent) see themselves as vulnerable, down from 86 percent in 2018. This confidence contradicts the findings of the survey, where 509 executives revealed that slightly more than half (52 percent) of their European companies were hacked or failed a compliance audit in 2019.

Core to this issue is the belief by 40 percent of respondents that the complexity of their business environments makes their data much less secure. It’s no secret that multicloud adoption is the main driver of cloud complexity, with 80 percent of businesses using more than one IaaS cloud provider.

Cloud complexity has been identified during the past few years as an issue that arises with multicloud deployments. Most enterprises are aware of operational problems that arise when dealing with two or more IaaS cloud providers at the same time, but most have not yet linked complexity with security issues.

Cloud complexity will be with us for the next several years as we learn more about the challenges of operating plural clouds. I suspect the complexity/security relationship will get more attention when complexity is determined to be the root cause of some high-profile data breaches.

As always, it’s one thing to declare a problem, and another to find solutions.
Read the full article here for a few suggested solutions to secure your data.

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