iText Software releases MuleSoft Certified Connector for iText DITO, simplifying connectivity to the iText DITO API, enabling developers to generate PDFs, faster

Global leader in innovative award-winning PDF solutions, iText Software today announced it has joined the MuleSoft Technology Partner Program and has contributed to the partner ecosystem by releasing a MuleSoft Certified Connector for iText DITO. The Certified Connector for iText DITO enables organizations to quickly and easily connect with the iText DITO API to generate PDFs using data from any system – no matter where it resides – and is available in Anypoint Exchange for all Anypoint Platform users to available in Anypoint Exchange for all Anypoint Platform users to access.

iText DITO is a data-driven, template-based PDF generator that simplifies the process of creating and maintaining PDFs for a diverse customer base, including many of the Fortune 500 as well as small businesses and government agencies. It offers an intuitive visual template designer (iText DITO Editor), a powerful REST API for processing and production (iText DITO API), and an integrated workspace to handle user, template, and resource management (iText DITO Manager).

As a MuleSoft partner, iText can better serve its enterprise audience with the new connector.

The iText DITO Editor is instrumental in developing data-driven PDF templates, letting users operate like a developer without having to think like one. What would otherwise take two weeks to do in code using other PDF libraries can now be accomplished in under an hour.

“This collaboration will make it  easier than ever for the enterprise community to integrate iText DITO with the other systems on MuleSoft,” said Gary Fry, CEO, iText. “We look forward to expanding our shared client base to help companies streamline and make more efficient the process of document generation.”

“Industries are facing new demands that push them to accelerate the pace of digital transformation,” said Brian Miller, senior vice president of business development, MuleSoft, “The Connectivity Benchmark Report shows that integration challenges are slowing down critical digital initiatives for 85% of IT organizations. This partnership allows our mutual customers to create a composable enterprise by securely unlocking and integrating their data and apps to deliver new levels of speed, agility and efficiency.”

The MuleSoft Technology Partner Program includes leading enterprise software companies across both functional applications, such as CRM, enterprise resource planning (ERP), marketing automation, and HCM, as well as across industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail and media and telecom. Using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™, technology partners help customers achieve greater speed, agility, and efficiency by creating reusable building blocks, including connectors, APIs, and templates, that can accelerate the pace of innovation.

Anypoint Platform customers can learn more about the MuleSoft Certified Connector for iText DITO by visiting:


About iText

iText is a global leader in innovative award-winning PDF software, offering the most reliable solutions for document and data exchange through open-source and enterprise solutions. Used by millions of users, both open source and commercial, iText creates digital documents for a variety of uses: invoices, credit card statements, mobile boarding passes, legal archiving, and more. As an open-source code library, iText PDF can be embedded into the document solution workflows of various industries and their applications. Such companies are part of a diverse customer base, including many of the Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses and government agencies. iText’s core library, iText 7, is available under the AGPL license, while also offering commercial licensing for customers that wish to keep their source code private. They also offer iText DITO, a low code document generator with the proven iText backend, a front end editor and iText DITO Manager to help organize templates and reduce development time. To see how we can help, visit

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