Microsoft provides insight into its programming language Bosque


Microsoft provides insight into its programming language Bosque

Microsoft Research is working on a new programming language designed around cloud-first development and artificial intelligence. As part of its work, the company announced new capabilities for the Bosque programming language created to support automated reasoning tools.

According to Microsoft, Bosque derives from a combination of TypeScript inspired syntax and types plus ML and Node/JavaScript inspired semantics.

The language was created to simultaneously support a high productivity development experience that  modern cloud developers expect, while also providing a resource efficient and predictable runtime with a performance profile similar to a native C++ application.

“The move into cloud based development, with architectures based around microservices, serverless functions, and RESTful APIs, brings new challenges for development. In this environment an program may interoperate with many other (remote) services which are maintained by different teams (and maybe implemented in different languages),” Microsoft wrote in a blog post. “The Bosque project takes a cloud and IoT first view of programming languages. Thus, it includes features like API Types to simplify the construction and deployment of REST style APIs.”

The combination of choices such as fully determinized language semantics, keys and ordering, and memory behavior result in a runtime with minimal performance variability and to enable ultra-low overhead tracing, according to Microsoft.

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