J-Fall 2017 Speaker Guy Rombaut – From Monolithic to SoC: Architecture & Teams


J-Fall 2017 Speaker Guy Rombaut – From Monolithic to SoC: Architecture & Teams

In this talk, I will discuss the evolution of frontend architecture – from monolith software which consist of backend and front end together (e.g. PHP generating JS/HTML), to separation of concerns (use of APIs, micro services etc). In addition, I will discuss about how different type of architectures and patterns can match to the growth of teams and different organisation cultures. This effects the efficiency of teams, and the quality of the code.

1. Introduction
2. Evolution and history (monolith software to separation) – why?
3. Patterns and architecture according to team sizes, growth and organisational culture + examples.
4. Summary

Management choose architecture and patterns are normally based on product type. However, team sizes should be another main concern when it comes to such decisions.

Bio Guy Rombaut:
Guy is a tech-geek, entrepreneur & software engineer. 50% Israeli, 50% Dutch. Originally from Silicon Wadi, the high-tech area on the beautiful coastal plain of Israel. He was working as a Software Engineer for the last 8 years. He started his path as a young web developer, moved to CRM and finance software engineering. He is active in Cordova & Ionic communities for mobile apps development. In addition, he worked on few innovative projects in the spectrum of IoT & security. Nowadays, he advises companies in such areas, as an engineer/consultant in Blue Harvest/Capgemini.

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