J-Fall 2018: Ignite Sessions


J-Fall 2018: Ignite Sessions

Hosted by Simon Maple

Hanno Embregts – These Songs Would Make Some Great Code Comments

Besides being useful, comments in source code can also be fun! This legendary StackOverflow post [1] tells me that sometimes a well-chosen joke put into source code can lighten the mood at work and make your developer life just a bit better.

Now, because I am both a developer and a musician, I tend to use song lyrics to lighten up my code. So in this Ignite talk, I’ll demonstrate this by showing a few typical code fragments that could use some musical quality. And of course I’ll perform bits of the songs that go with it.

So are you in for a light-hearted talk on code comments – slash – a mini-concert featuring songs by Coldplay, Oasis, Adam Lambert, Imagine Dragons and many more? Please join in and feel free to sing along!

Joep Weijers – Extreme Feedback in DevOps

Do you still get emails when a build breaks, a deployment fails or a server goes down? How boring! I’ve made a compilation of ways to make alerting fun again. Let me show you how you can combine Jenkins and the Internet of Shit ™ to turn this feedback into Extreme Feedback!

Erik-Berndt Scheper – Apache Kafka – JMS on steroids?

Ever heard the sentence: “Kafka? Oh, that’s like JMS on steroids”? If you are just as bored of this metaphor as I am, then come to my session where I will look for the best quote from the writer himself, Franz Kafka, to see how they fare when applied to the Kafka platform. Because there’s so much more to Kafka than plain old message processing…

Jacco van Weert – Ontwikkeling van een JavaFX game, komt het ooit af?

Al jaren bezig met de ontwikkeling van een in JavaFX geschreven (war)game. Veel geschrapt, veel geschreven, veel gedebugged, veel gewanhoopt, veel geleerd. In deze snelle sessie laat ik de diverse iteraties van de game zien, tot waar ik nu ben. En ik wil aantonen dat het zeker mogelijk is in JavaFX commerciële games te ontwikkelen.

David Stibbe – Lessons learned from giving a Kotlin Workshop

This year I gave a Kotln course, together with a colleague of mine. In this ignite yeah I will quickly expand on everything we learned about the giving of a workshop. This is covers the preparation, what to do during the workshop and the feedback we were given.

I will also discuss the IntelliJ EduTools plugin we used to give the workshop with. What was it good for? What were its caveats? And how did it eventually work out?

Tom Wetjens – 4 Ways to deal with Fear Of Missing Out

As developers we are committed to a life of learning. With all the new technologies and paradigms changing so fast, more conferences and meetups than you can attend, other people doing cool stuff, you can feel overwhelmed and have a fear of missing out. You are not alone! We’ll dive into what motivates us and walk through ways of dealing with this and give direction to expanding our knowledge and skills.

Angelo van der Sijpt – Quantum Computing Nonsense Survival Guide

Quantum computing is quickly up-and-coming, and probably the on the second place for buzz-worthiness, right behind blockchain. In these 300 seconds, I won’t go in to how quantum computing is different from ‘classical’ computing, and all the weird-and-wonderful use cases. Instead, I’ll show you the developer’s perspective: where does quantum computing fit into your workflow? What do systems using quantum computing look like? Which concerns don’t we have now? Are we all doomed?

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