J-Fall 2018: Roel Hodzelmans & Wian Vos – Leveraging the power of Kubernetes with patterns – for fun and profit!


J-Fall 2018: Roel Hodzelmans & Wian Vos – Leveraging the power of Kubernetes with patterns – for fun and profit!

The way we design, develop and run applications on Cloud Native platforms like Kubernetes differs significantly from the traditional approach. When working with Kubernetes, there are fewer concerns for developers to think about, but at the same time, there are new patterns and practices for solving every-day challenges. In this talk, we will look at a collection of common patterns for developing Cloud Native applications. These patterns encapsulate proven solutions to common problems and help you to prevent inventing the wheel again. After a short introduction into the Kubernetes platform we will look at the following pattern categories: – “Foundational Patterns” which build the basis of the Kubernetes platform – “Behavioral Patterns” describe concepts for different types of applications – “Structural Patterns” are for structuring your Cloud Native application – “Configurational Patterns” provide various approaches to application configuration. In the end, you will have a solid overview how common problems can be solved when developing Cloud Native applications for Kubernetes.

Roel Hodzelmans

Roel is one of the Red Hat Solution Architects for Red Hat’s Middleware (JBoss) portfolio, for the Red Hat PaaS en Container platform OpenShift and Red Hat’s Internet of Things. Roel works predominantly on advising potential and existing customers of Red Hat on determining their way to the Open Hybrid Clouds: How do you design applications for the Cloud, how does one bring (existing or legacy) applications to Clouds and how does one manage applications in Clouds. He also regularly speaks at customer, partner and Red Hat events to help create awareness, introduce the Red Hat portfolio and solutions and share how Open Source can help in future proofing companies.

Wian Vos

Wian is a Red Hat Solutions architect and a Devops/PaaS veteran. After having spent over a decade building developer centric Platform services both in the Netherlands and the U.S. he now spends his time advising current and potential Red Hat customers on their way to the Hybrid containerized cloud.

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