27 Oct 2020


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

TEQnation Masterclass: Neural Networks – Powered by Capgemini

The TEQnation Masterclasses Live are coming up! Fully digital & live you can engage with world-class IT experts. They will take you on a deep dive in all the technology topics you love, with on October 27th Neural Networks!

You will take a look under the hood of Neural Networks. First, we will start of with a introductionary kind of session with Soham Dasgupta (Oracle ACE Associate & Java Guru @ Capgemini) about Deep Learning4J. Afterwards we will see how to put this theory into practice and learn how to produce Real-Time Deep Fakes by Thomas Endres & Martin Förtsch.Timetable
19:00-19:40: Soham Dasgupta – Journey to the core of Neural Networks with DeepLearning4J
19:40-19:50: Break
19:50-20:30: Thomas Endres & Martin Förtsch – Deepfakes 2.0 – How Neural Networks are Changing our World

This day is fully powered by Capgemini, so a big thank you is in order!

Signing up and joining this live workshop is free.

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